Nilo Jordán Obando

Freelance Barber, NYC


A haircut should not only look good, but it should make you feel good.

About Me

You deserve a cut that's always on point

From the first time I sat in an old-fashioned barber’s chair, to every haircut since that day, I have been fascinated by the art that is barbering. I moved to Forrest Hills, Queens in 2006. I started off cutting my own hair, and the hair of my friends. I committed to develop my craft and enrolled in a barber program. Over the years I have worked under some incredible barbers. For over 10 years now, I have honed my skills and earned my place behind the chair as much as any other barber out there.

I spend time getting to know each of my clients and their individual needs so I can cater the services I provide. I now work for myself cutting hair in the NYC area.

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